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Energy Efficiency Services
Enerji Verimliliği Hizmetleri



Energy Eye

Next Generation Energy IoT Platform

Evolving technology, digitalisation and the need for energy management has spawned the latest Energy IoT Platform: Energy Eye.

With Honeywell infrastructure and ESCON expertise lower energy costs by keeping a close eye on energy and process efficiency of your business, higher operational efficiency, setting a target exactly, prevention of unplanned postures with predictive maintenance and creation of Energy Audits required by laws with Energy Eye developed is now both very easy and assembled in a single integrated system.

Information collected simultaneously from the zone is continuously collected, archived, analyzed and reported comparatively. Inefficiencies and failures are prevented from occurring, returns of implemented projects are verified, key performance indicators and total equipment activities are monitored.

Energy Eye Of Your Business

Energy Eye is the next generation energy IoT platform that tracks and analyzes the energy efficiency of your operation and the performance of your processes. With Energy Eye compatible with all communication protocols and accessible from all platforms, you can collect, archive, graphically and comparatively analyze all your data in one integrated system, guide your predictive maintenance work, perform more realistic target detection, and track total equipment activity (OEE) with key performance indicators (KPI).

Unlike similar energy monitoring and energy IoT systems, all data collected with ESCON expertise is analyzed and interpreted and your legally required energy audits are generated. Potential efficiency-enhancing projects are identified in Energy Audits reports and feasibility reports are submitted periodically. The results of the productivity-enhancing projects are measured and verified; real savings are reported..

  • Online Energy And Process Monitoring
  • Ability To Work With All Communication Protols
  • Transportation From Different Platforms
  • 24/7 Data Collection, Archiving And Monitoring
  • Effective Equipment Process Management
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • Energy Mapping
  • Benchmarking
  • Personalisation
  • Alarm
  • Energy Management

    Monitoring the facility management process by creating customized reports according to different departments. To be able to create an ISO 50001 substructure.

  • Energy Analysis

    Comparing energy consumption values in similar periods and identifying low energy efficiency systems and areas.

  • Graphical and Comparative Analysis

    Graphical and comparative analysis of all data in the desired time periods.

  • Heat Map

    The annual heat map of the facility is displayed on a single screen. Daily cross section Viewing by clicking on any point of the chart.

  • Regression Analysis

    Comparison of consumption with the best fit curve according to outside air temperature, degree days, production values or any other value concerned.

  • Cumulative Graphs

    Cumulative charts are able to show the contribution of different consumers to cumulative energy consumption over time according to day, week, month, year and cost.

  • Periodic Consumptions

    To be able to identify inefficient use areas by comparing more than one day in 24-hour periods.

  • Key Performance Indicators-KPI

    Easier target tracking with tracking, analysis and comparative reporting of key performance indicators that are critical for businesses.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Operational efficiency is increased by monitoring processes and monitoring and reporting of total equipment effectiveness (OEE).

  • Predictive Maintenance

    With the interpretation and continuous follow-up of the collected information, it is possible to make future predictions about mechanical health and manage their maintenance without deterioration. Improving operating efficiency by reducing unplanned stops.



Energy audit is the measurement, examination and analysis of energy inputs and outputs in an enterprise without having a negative impact on the operation of the enterprise in order to save energy and increase energy efficiency.

It is the first step in identifying opportunities for reducing energy cost and carbon emissions. The Energy study identifies the most efficient and cost effective energy saving opportunities/measures and develops efficiency-enhancing projects.

Detailed Energy Study

Detailed Energy study is the process of examining all processes and auxiliary enterprises in real terms of operation, analyzing them with intensive and long measurements and interpreting the results with comprehensive analysis.

  • Long term energy consumption data are analyzed for energy use profiling.
  • Energy inputs and outputs and processes are measured and interpreted in detail.
  • Energy uses are optimized by Energy-mass balances and Pinch analysis.
  • Insufficient, inefficient and loss-making points are identified.
  • Design and financial analysis of efficiency enhancing and energy cost reducing projects are done.


Energy management is more important in today's environment, businesses to gain an edge in global competition, environmental awareness and safety to deliver sustainable growth by ensuring the cost of energy saving opportunities and their unique and practical in identifying experienced, independent, objective, and operational blindness, non-professional, it is essential to work with a counselor.

Energy Management Consulting

It is the professional support provided to enterprises to establish the management system necessary for sustainable energy management, to establish the team to manage and operate the system and to ensure the operation of the system.

  • Establishment of energy management system
  • Energy Action Team's facility
  • Determination of short, medium and long term actions
  • Determination of energy management strategies
  • Establishment and operation of PUKO system
Energy Investment Consulting

It is a professional consultancy service provided for the right technology and high efficiency for enterprises to invest in equipment or systems that produce or consume energy. Not only the selection of equipment, but also the correct design of the installation or transmission lines to provide the basis for the increase in efficiency is created.

  • Current situation analysis
  • Technology selection
  • Preparation of tender specifications
  • Checking of bids
  • Creation of agreement terms
  • Post-implementation testing and verification