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System Solutions



ESCON, which is a world leader in the field with technical collaboration with international companies, industrial enterprises, energy-saving performance guaranteed performance guaranteed turnkey, turnkey recycling and energy recovery issues in the subjects of efficiency for system solutions.

ESCON contributes to the reduction of energy cost and density of enterprises by providing efficiency-enhancing system solutions with low investment cost but high return to its customers by following technological developments with the help of the most accurate and up-to-date information.



At MHI, we would like to gather all of our projects and ideas around a common success for the future.

In many sectors we are working in, we offer innovative and complete solutions worldwide with our proven foresight and extensive industry knowledge in the process from planning to implementation.

We are always looking to find different, simpler and sustainable solutions with integrated, comprehensive technologies that meet the needs of the community until we reach design, production and service by developing new technologies.We continue to work with our business partners and customers around the world to achieve a better future.




AIC is a group of companies offering heat transfer solutions worldwide. Our expertise in this field comes from the knowledge gained and experience gained in many different sectors and applications over the years.

Our multifaceted and privileged designs, produced with advanced technology, enable us to provide unique and unique solutions tailored to the projects and needs of many businesses.




Perfection that turns energy into motion...

Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V., It is one of the leading institutions of the European automotive sector.

Diesel and gas engines are designed and manufactured for use in maritime, construction, agriculture and all kinds of industrial enterprises.

It is no coincidence that Europe's leading automotive companies use the highest quality turbocharger in their engines.




Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Corp.ltd (Deepblue) is a group company founded by Continental Hope Group (CHG) in 1997 with a capital of 160 million RBM to produce absorbent cooling groups.

It is located on 170 hectares within the National Hightech Zone as the largest manufacturer of air conditioning devices in southeast China. In all areas of the refrigeration sector(HVAC system R&D); production, service, all your needs will meet in a single point, solution partner. Deepblue is focused on the design and production of products containing all kinds of lithium bromide absorption technologies, such as hot water driven, steam driven, natural gas driven, flue gas driven, and multiple energy driven.




With over 60 years of experience, Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor CO. Ltd is a specialist compressor manufacturer in the field.

Today, it is the largest manufacturer of screw/compressed air compressors in China, but it is the industry leader in production and sales.

With a turnover of 22 million RBM in 2017, Kaishan Group has more production capacity than its many competitors and multinational companies based in China.




Steam is used in more than 6000 enterprises in our country. However, the majority of enterprises experience efficiency losses due to installation errors, misplaced devices and systems that have completed their life. It is possible to increase the efficiency of processes with very simple measures or new technology products.

MaxVal, founded with this idea, carried 35 years of knowledge and experience to industrial enterprises and aimed to provide the best service. Founded with the vision of maximum service, maximum quality and maximum efficiency, the company offers engineering services as well as sales of steam appliances and valves. With our expert engineer staff, Special Studies will be carried out for the processes in the enterprises about the system.

MaxVal is the Turkish representative of Forbes Marshall and Mival products, which have been in operation since 1926, and also cooperates with American companies on advanced technology devices and systems.

Our aim is to provide the industry with the latest technologies in Steam systems, high efficiency, long life devices that require little or no maintenance, and to add value to enterprises with seamless installation and high efficiency.




With over 70 years of experience in Steam engineering and control equipment solutions, Forbes Marshall leads the process industry in process efficiency and energy conservation.

Our experience and different perspectives enable us to protect natural resources, design products that will provide process efficiency and offer different solutions in the industry.

Our knowledge, innovative solutions, reliable products and global presence make us a reliable solution partner.

It is ranked among the 5 Best Companies in India and ranked first in the great Place to Work Institution survey conducted by The Economic Times.