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What is the Energy Performance Contract (EPC)?

Reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, improve energy infrastructure, the country's energy resources contribute to the protection of the environment or conserve; behind it, regardless of the cause yapmayisecmek saving energy is the right choice, but the most accurate energy savings project to give life to a difficult and tiring process.

Energy Performance Contracts (EPS) are a financial mechanism used to pay for today's energy efficiency projects with tomorrow's energy savings, without touching your business's capital budget.

Energy performance contracts with energy service companies (ESCO) to develop an energy efficiency project, resetting all potential risks of the project to be developed. ESCOs assume the project's turnkey implementation, maintenance, financing, and all performance risks.

  • Turnkey project design and implementation
  • Performance and energy saving guarantee
  • Project finance without the need for working capital
  • Project Risk Management
  • Zero maintenance cost during contract
  • Simplified Process Management
  • To be involved in technology and sub-contractor selection
  • Modernization and transition to new technologies
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint reduction
  • Minimum impact from possible future energy prices increase
  • Remote monitoring and reportable performance measurementü

    Our experienced engineers identify potential opportunities when conducting field tours under the supervision of a technical employee of your business.

    It then completes the preliminary project report and preliminary feasibility studies and presents them to your business so that businesses can examine potential opportunities.


    The scope of detailed measurement and project design service is determined by mutual information sharing between the enterprise and ESCO. Project analysis is carried out according to detailed measurement results and pre-acceptance conditions are determined.

    ESCO agrees that it will not receive the measurement and evaluation service fee if the work is returned to the Energy Performance Contract.


    Measurement-analysis of the current state of the business is done and historical data is collected. Accordingly, the energy consumption point (baseline) which will be the basis of the Energy Performance Contract is determined.

    The scope, implementation details, cost and processes of the new project to be implemented are calculated. In light of all the work done, savings accounts are made for the new project to be used during the contract.


    The agreement scope, business plan and guaranteed performance value are determined. The acceptance and penal terms of the project are clearly determined and signed in the contract.


    ESCO shares project details with the financing organization for project financing. In addition, after the implementation of the savings will be obtained from the enterprise will forward the letter of guarantee for payments to the financing organization.

    Equipment and labor are supplied. The work force is managed in such a way as to adhere to the rules of the enterprise by creating construction site management. If the business has planned stances, the process can be managed in such a way that it does not have a negative impact on the production plan.

    Testing, adjustment, balancing and commissioning of the system are performed. System&maintenance training is given to the related unit of the enterprise.


    Measurement, monitoring and analysis of the performance indicators specified during the project design phase are done.

    Verify the savings or performance provided. Maintenance support is provided to ensure the same performance values during the Energy Performance Contract.